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The Condominium Handbook for Directors, Managers, Owners and Purchasers – 7th Edition

Gerry Hyman, popular author and CCI Hall of Fame member, has revised his best-selling "Condominium Handbook" to reflect the changes arising from the new Condominium Act and its regulations. As the Toronto Star has written, “(this) book is a must-read for condo owners. For a clear, concise and readable book on condominium buying and owning, the Condominium Handbook is hard to beat."



Master of Laws degree (LLM).  Queen's Counsel (Q.C.).  CCI Hall of Fame Inductee. Toronto Star Condominium columnist. Author.

Gerry Hyman's  practice provides legal advice in Toronto.  With expertise in Condominium and  Real Estate Law Gerry would be happy to discuss your needs .  Whether you are purchasing or selling real estate, need a condominium lawyer,  require mediation or are looking to update your will, Gerry is here to help.


Gerry knows how to get results for his clients, proven by his high referral rate and return business.

Gerry Hyman, Q.C.

Condominium Lawyer in Toronto

Gerry Hyman has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, legal solutions.